Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Running from the Law by Lisa Scottoline

Lisa never disappoints! Even in her bad days the worse she can do is a B. She reminds me of Linda Fairstein, Iris Johansen and Sandra Brown. All extraordinary in their art.
This was an older title of Scottoline which recently was released in Audiobook and I had the chance to listen to it.
The story is played in first person POV which was a bit different for me but I felt comfortable reading it because it really didn't feel like I was peering over the main characters shoulder and missing the other peoples reaction, which is my dislike for this POV.

Rita Morrone is a young lawyer who agrees to represent her lover's father, a federal judge, against a sexual harassment charge brought by his secretary. Although she has her own misgivings against the case, mostly due to her father's ethical judgments, she prepares to give it her best. During her interview with the plaintiff she discovers that the judge was not harassing the secretary but was having an affair with her. She realizes that to defend him she will have to expose the judge. That is, until the secretary is murdered and Finch, her client, becomes a murder suspect.

As she investigates the murder for the case, she realizes that someone has gone to great lengths to frame the judge. She also discovers that the Judge was not the only one having an affair with this woman. When there is an attempt on her father's life, Rita knows it's time to get to the bottom of things because she might be next.

This was a fast paced thriller that had you guessing at the killer until the very end. I never suspected the real killer. I absolutely love the Rita's father's poker buddies who help her along the way. They were a riot! Which is another thing that I really liked about the book. It was really funny. You would think murder and life threatening situations are no laughing matter but Rita's character was so witty and inventive that you HAD to laugh with her. One of Scottoline's best! (Until I get my hands on Lady Killer, LOL!)

Grade: A
Format: Audiobook


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