Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Slightly Shady by Amanda Quick

This story was one that I have been wanting to read for a while (I had the book in the TBR pile for over three years) but was really unable to crack the book open because I know that this is not a strictly romantic book. It's more in the line of Romantic Suspense and yet I have a problem comparing it to the Suspense that I read with Sandra Brown and Linda Howard. It is just not the same!

Tobias March has been hired to recover a small diary that contains the identity of a traitor who murdered the head of a large syndicate of organized crime. His search takes him to the doorstep of Lavinia Lake who's antiquity shop, unbeknownst to her, is being used by criminals to leave messages for each other. After observing her for a bit he realizes that she is not involved in the criminal activity that is taking place under her nose and he "urges" her to leave Rome before she puts herself in more danger.

Lavinia leaves Rome with barely the clothes on her back and is forced to establish herself in another career when she arrives in London. She decides to become an inquiry agent for hire. Unfortunately her run ins with Mr. March are not at an end. When she becomes victim of a blackmailer she puts her inquiry talents to use and runs into Tobias over a dead body. Well it seems that the blackmailer had links to the diary that Tobias is looking for and was using it to blackmail several people, one of which took offense and killed him. But the person also stole the diary which means that Lavinia needs to locate it. So it's only natural that Tobias and Lavinia join forces to uncover the murderer.

I don't think the book suffers any glaring problems, but still, I never really warmed up to Lavinia, although I thought Tobias was a wonderful character. Lavinia just didn't do it for me and that really was the big failure of the book. I also found that I cannot read anymore of Amanda Quick's books. The language in her books, unfortunately, make all of them sound the same. It's like reading Garwood's love scenes, after you have read alot of them you start picking up on certain phrases that she reuses, it doesn't take way from the book, but after you realize they are there, it becomes annoying. Quick uses the word 'metaphysical' and 'mesmerism' in most of her books and it's lost it's humor for me.

From an outside view, if I put the annoying, personal, pet peeves aside, the book was entertaining. I didn't see the bad guy coming. There is a clear villain and we know who that person is almost from the beginning but the mastermind behind the plot was well hidden. I actually thought it was someone altogether different and was surprised when the villain was revealed.
Because of this I'm sure that someone that is not as... anal? as I am would have enjoyed the book much more.

Grade: C+
Format: Audiobook

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Running from the Law by Lisa Scottoline

Lisa never disappoints! Even in her bad days the worse she can do is a B. She reminds me of Linda Fairstein, Iris Johansen and Sandra Brown. All extraordinary in their art.
This was an older title of Scottoline which recently was released in Audiobook and I had the chance to listen to it.
The story is played in first person POV which was a bit different for me but I felt comfortable reading it because it really didn't feel like I was peering over the main characters shoulder and missing the other peoples reaction, which is my dislike for this POV.

Rita Morrone is a young lawyer who agrees to represent her lover's father, a federal judge, against a sexual harassment charge brought by his secretary. Although she has her own misgivings against the case, mostly due to her father's ethical judgments, she prepares to give it her best. During her interview with the plaintiff she discovers that the judge was not harassing the secretary but was having an affair with her. She realizes that to defend him she will have to expose the judge. That is, until the secretary is murdered and Finch, her client, becomes a murder suspect.

As she investigates the murder for the case, she realizes that someone has gone to great lengths to frame the judge. She also discovers that the Judge was not the only one having an affair with this woman. When there is an attempt on her father's life, Rita knows it's time to get to the bottom of things because she might be next.

This was a fast paced thriller that had you guessing at the killer until the very end. I never suspected the real killer. I absolutely love the Rita's father's poker buddies who help her along the way. They were a riot! Which is another thing that I really liked about the book. It was really funny. You would think murder and life threatening situations are no laughing matter but Rita's character was so witty and inventive that you HAD to laugh with her. One of Scottoline's best! (Until I get my hands on Lady Killer, LOL!)

Grade: A
Format: Audiobook

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Seventh Heaven by Catherine Anderson

I have enjoyed many of Anderson's work but lately the stories are just not the same as the early ones. This one did not change my opinion even though it is an older title.

Joe Lakota has returned to his home town after a painful child custody battle. He was an NFL QBack but due to a knee injury he is forced to retire which left him without much of an income. The last of his funds were surrendered to his Ex-Wife to gain custody of his 4 year old son, who was being abused in her care. Returning to his old home allows him to be close to the women he most loves, his mother and his high school sweetheart Mary Lee.

Mary Lee had once broken Joe's heart when she suddenly broke off their engagement while a freshman in college. She has kept her reasons for the breakup quiet until Joe crashes back into her life and insists she start living again. Mary Lee was raped in college and the trauma has left her suffering severe panic attacks, alienating her from society. Now all of a sudden Joe is in her face, in her house, in her life and she feels like she is drowning.

2/3 of the book is about the rape trauma and Mary Lee learning to cope with her past. It took such a front seat in the story there was not much room for any romance. Then the romance did not need any developing because Joe was so in love with Mary Lee it gave you a cavity just reading about it. I'm telling you he was all about taking hold of her life and loving her to death. I know I would have suffocated if a man was that sweet.

Every other word was sweetie, darling, Mary mine... I wanted to hurl the book across the room. I am looking for alot more in my romance reading. I do want the hero to love the heroine desperately but I want him to fall in love with her, I want some relationship development. Some might argue that they had to rebuild their relationship after the trauma but it was not about their relationship but about how she needed to cope with the events in her life. She had to work on herself and not on Joe. We don't even get to see how she overcomes the trauma. One day she is stunted and then the next she is married and having sex.

There is a murder at the end of the book where Joe lands in prison and a child custody battle that really is not worked to the fullest either.

The book was a complete flop and I am just so disappointed, I will not be working any more of Anderson's titles into my reading selections for this year.

Grade: F
Format: Audiobook

One Wicked Night by Sari Robins

It had been so long that I read a good book it took me no time in realizing this one was it! I admit it took me almost a week to crack the book open but I think it was mostly because I have had such a rotten reading month that I had lost interest in reading another 'okay' book.

I selected this book as my read for the AOM program of my Yahoo group. I purchased the book years ago when it first came out and everyone was raving about it but I kept finding new authors to put ahead of Robins, the AOM program gave me the perfect excuse to pull the book out of the TBR pile.

Lillian, Baroness Janus on her own right, has been pretending to be Dillon Beaumont's mistress for the last two years. Her 'father', Lord Cornelius Kane, wants the fortune she will inherit on her 24th birthday and is willing to go to any means to get her under his roof so he can control her. Her liaison with the Marquis protects her against Kane but also protects Dillon from having a personal secret revealed.

When Kane convinces Dillon's younger brother, Russell to go against the couple, in hopes to 'free' Lillian, they are able to frame Dillon for murder. Lillian turns to Nicholas Redford for help.

Nicholas Redford comes from a difficult life. Raised in an orphanage, he learned about honor and justice from the headmaster who cared for him as a son. He has finally established the enquiry office he had always wanted and has been put on retainer to the Queen.

Nicholas is not inclined to take the case of an obviously guilty man (they did a good job framing Dillon) and Lillian needs to show him that there is NO WAY Dillon could have murdered a woman due to a passionate love affair gone wrong. She is relying on Nick's sense of justice so that after exposing Dillon's secret he will be able to see that an innocent man is to be hung for a crime he did not commit.

I really don't want to give too much away but one of the charming aspects of this book is that there is no hidden pretenses, no misunderstandings to work through, just a straight forward love story! You know from the start why Dillon cannot be capable of the crime, you know who killed the woman, you know who is harassing Lillian, you even know that these two are destined to be together. What is left unsaid and keeps you glued is HOW TO PROVE IT ALL! There is so much physical evidence piled up against Dillon you cannot imagine Nick being able to dig out the truth, especially since Kane is far removed from the situation.

Wonderful introduction to this author, I will definitely be reading the next installment of this series which is the story of Marcus Dunn, the son of the headmaster of the orphanage from which Nick came from.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Valentine Wedding by Jane Feather

I never read a valentine themed book before and I found it curious how you would be able to make a romance with a valentine theme different from any other romance? Unfortunately this book did not explain it to me... LOL!

Alasdair Chase and Emma Beaumont had been betrothed three years ago when, after discovering that Alasdair had some secrets in his closet, Emma leaves, jilting him the evening before their nuptials. She runs off to Italy where she stays until her brother, Ned is killed in service of the crown.

Ned was a spy who was killed on his way to deliver important documents to his superior and due to some mix up the letter he meant to send to his sister was deliver to the war office and his 'encoded' message delivered to Emma. Well as you can imagine, Emma is quite sought after this season, and not just the Fortune Hunters are after her.

Wise old Ned did do something right before he was killed and that was to assign as trustee to Emma's fortune his best friend. You guessed it, Alasdair!
Yeah, Ned was trying to play cupid as soon as he got his wings. He knew that there was some unfinished business between these two and by putting them in a situation where they HAD to interact with each other, there was hope that eventually they could clear the air.

At this point, the book is just starting... with spy's courting Emma and Alasdair in her face every time she turns around, the gauntlet is thrown and Emma states that by St. Valentines day (HERE IS THE VALENTINE REFERENCE! DON'T MISS IT!) she will not only have a husband but also a lover. Do we all think Alasdair will let that happen? Think again! Especially when he realizes that he is not quite over her.

There is no real contest here. Emma loves Alasdair and she admits it but her pride is hurt and she doesn't trust him.

What really set this book in the wrong direction was that trust issue, Emma doesn't give it and Alasdair doesn't get why, so they go around in circles and it gets a bit frustrating. At one point Emma shows such lack of trust that I wanted to grab her by the hair and smack her around a bit. She can trust him with her life and know he will protect her but when it comes to her heart, no way, no how. And I could not get the reason why Alasdair just couldn't just disclose his life to Emma. Couldn't he trust her to understand this other side of himself???

It had been awhile since I read a Jane Feather and yet I have 9 more titles by this author on my bookshelf waiting to be read. I'm happy that she has proven to be reliable in the past and now with A Valentine Wedding, that way I can expect pleasant reads whether I read them this year or in 5-6 years from now.

Grade: B

Friday, February 15, 2008

Final Challenge in 2008 - Triple 8 Challenge

Last but farthest from the least is the challenge that has giving me the most grief without even opening a book.

How is that possible you ask? Well, the rules of the challenge, although flexible, really didn't account for some anal, neurotic lady as myself. I have been going over these lists and adding books only to remove them or researching which books would meet the challenges rules... it was an interesting process and I still have a few categories with incomplete listings, just because I have no idea what to put down.
I finally just decided to post what I have and as the year progresses I will add the missing books... but I commit myself to not change the books in the lists I post today.

Anyway, the challenge is sponsored by 3M at the Triple8 Challenge website and Here are the rules:

1. Challenge runs from January 1 through December 31, 2008.
2. Choose 8 categories of your own that you would like to read 8 books EACH in.
3. You will be allowed 8 overlaps, for a total of 56 unique book titles.
4. You may overlap these 56 titles with any other challenge.
5. You may change your list or your categories at any time.
6. Post a comment here that you are participating, and I will add a link to the sidebar. Request an invite including your e-mail address if you want to post your list to this blog. However, we will NOT be writing reviews here! You may update your lists by providing the link to books read. Please use your name as a label, along with the book categories you're reading from.
7. Check back here to see who is participating and cheer others on.
8. Participants who complete all 56 books will be in the running for in-stock books from (I have mucho credits.) Overseas is okay!
9. Have fun reading!

Here are my lists:

Group 1: Anthologies
1) Stroke of Midnight
2) Dead and Loving It
3) Hot Spell
4) Bite
5) Hero, Come Back
6) A Gift of Love
7) Veils of Time
8) Just One Sip

Group 2: Audiobooks
1) An Arranged Marriage by Jo Beverley
2) An Unwilling Bride by Jo Beverley
3) Mirror Image by Sandra Brown
4) Play Dirty - Sandra Brown
5) Seventh Heaven by Catherine Anderson
6) Running from the Law by Lisa Scottoline
7) Killer Heat by Linda Fairstein
8) The Collectors by David Baldacci

Group 3: Romantic Suspense
1) Play Dirty - Sandra Brown
2) Mirror Image - Sandra Brown
3) Kill and Tell - Linda Howard
4) The Missing by Shiloh Walker
5) Slightly Shady by Amanda Quick
6) Smoke Screen by Sandra Brown (read but not reviewed)
7) Death Angel by Linda Howard
8) Midnight Rainbow by Linda Howard (read but not reviewed)

Group 4: Paranormals
1) Lover Enshrined - J.R. Ward
2) Through the Veil by Shiloh Walker
3) A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K.Hamilton
4) A Caress of Twilight by Laurell K.Hamilton
5) Seduced by Moonlight by Laurell K.Hamilton (read but not reviewed)
6) A Stroke of Midnight by Laurell K.Hamilton (read but not reviewed)
7) Mistral's Kiss by Laurell K.Hamilton (read but not reviewed)
8) A Lick of Frost by Laurell K.Hamilton (read but not reviewed)

Group 5: Published before 2000
1) The Princess and the Pea - Victoria Alexander
2) A Valentine Wedding - Jane Feather
3) All Night Long by Michele Albert
4) Family Man by Jayne Ann Krentz
5) Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
6) Bewitching by Jill Barnett
7) Dreaming by Jill Barnett
8) Running from the Law by Lisa Scottoline

Group 6: Series Romance:
1) The Littlest Cowboy - Maggie Shayne
2) Expecting his Royal Baby by Susan Stephens
3) Indiscreet by Mary Balogh
4) Baby, I'm Yours by Karen Templeton
5) Forbidden by Suzanne Brockmann
6) Freedom's Price by Suzanne Brockmann
7) Awakening Beauty by Amy Fetzer
8) Body Language by Suzanne Brockmann

Group 7: YA
1) Sweet Far Thing - Libba Bray
2) Brisnger - Chris Paolini (read but not reviewed)
3) Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
4) Dragon Rider - Cornelia Funke
5) Redwall - Brian Jacques
6) Twlight by Stephenie Meyer
7) New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
8) Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Group 8: New Authors
1) The Smoke Thief by Shana Abe
2) Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
3) Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris
4) One Wicked Night - Sari Robins
5) After the Kiss by Karen Ranney
6) Bewitching by Jill Barnett
7) The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
8) Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison

Hopefully you now understand what I was talking about when I was making my list and checking it twice...
I love that this challenge will make me pull out a lot of those books that have been sitting forever in my TBR pile.

I will add the lat few books missing on the lists as I run into them and I'll also post the links to those selections that have already been read.

Happy Reading in 2008!!!

Even More Challenges in 2008 - TBR Challenge

So I'm on the last two of the challenges I have accepted for 2008.

The next Challenge I have accepted is sponsored on the TBR Challenge website and is the strictest among all since I'm not allowed to modify my selection after I have posted my choices. Talk about accountability!!!
That is the most intimidating factor of the challenge, it's also the best feature.

Here are the rules:

** Pick 12 books - one for each month of 2008 - that you've been wanting to read (that have been on your "To Be Read" list) for 6 months or longer, but haven't gotten around to.
** OPTIONAL: Create a list of 12 "Alternates" (books you could substitute for your challenge books, given that a particular one doesn't grab you at the time)
** Then, starting January 1, 2008, read one of these books from your list each month, ending December 31, 2008. :o)

With the rules in place, here is my list:

1) Seventh Heaven by Catherine Anderson
2) The Wolf and the Dove - Kathleen Woodiwiss
3) Rules of Engagement - Christina Dodd
4) The Princess and the Pea - Victoria Alexander
5) Lions and Laces - Meagan McKinney
6) The Lightkeeper - Susan Wiggs
7) A Valentine Wedding - Jane Feather
8) After the Kiss - Karen Ranney
9) Family Man - Jayne Ann Krentz
10) Lady Be Good - Susan Elizabeth Philips
11) A Useful Affair - Stella Cameron
12) Unsung Hero - Suzanne Brockmann

1) The Immortal Highlander - Karen Marie Moning
2) Scandalous Lovers - Robin Schone
3) An Unmistakable Rouge - Annette Blair
4) One Of These Nights - Justine Davis
5) Out of Control - Shannon McKenna
6) Devil You Know - Liz Carlyle
7) The Irish Devil - Diane Whiteside
8) The Queen of Heart - Patricia Potter
9) The Secret Life of Bryan - Lori Foster
10) The Forever Kiss - Angela Knight
11) A Little Mischief - Amelia Grey
12) Once a Mistress - Debra Mullins

I was not sure about the lists since there are a few in there that have been in my TBR pile for years, but I guess that is the idea behind the challenge, move the books from my TBR pile to my Read pile!

I'll be editing this post over the year to reflect the reviews posted for the books selected.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

More Challenges in 2008 - Classic Romance Challenge

This was another challenge that I thought would reduce my TBR pile.

Jennie's Booklog is reading 12 classic romances in the next 12 months. I have lots of older books from authors that are considered classic Romance writers because they have been writing romance since before I knew romance was so much fun, so I decided to join Jennie but I added a twist since I might not have many Classic titles in my TBR pile.

I'm reading 12 books from Classic Romance Writers! I'll be updating this post with links to the reviews as I read the books.
Here are my selections:

1) The Wolf and the Dove - Kathleen Woodiwiss
2) The Diabolical Baron by Mary Jo Putney
3) Lions and Laces - Meagan McKinney
4) Seventh Heaven by Catherine Anderson
5) The Lightkeeper by Susan Wiggs
6) A Valentine Wedding - Jane Feather
7) Family Man - Jayne Ann Krentz
8) The Princess and the Pea - Victoria Alexander
9) Rules of Engagement - Christina Dodd
10) Lady Be Good - Susan Elizabeth Phillips
11) After the Kiss - Karen Ranney
12) Indiscreet by Mary Balogh

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Littlest Cowboy by Maggie Shayne

This is book one of the Texas Brand series and honestly I am not motivated to continue reading it. Over Christmas I read the first book of the Oklahoma Brand series and that one was much better so I picked up this one hoping that it would follow suit but I was a bit disappointed.

Garrett Ethan Brand is the eldest of 6 Brands. At the age of 18 he was left orphaned with 5 siblings to raise. It has not been an easy road but the big lug of a man has done what he could to provide a safe home for his 4 brothers and young sister. He is now the sheriff of Quinn, TX. When the story starts Garrett discovers a small babe at his doorstep. A note tucked inside the basket says the child is his and bears his name. Garrett is floored and knows for a FACT that he has not fathered the child. He decides to keep the child in his care until social services opens Tuesday, which will give him a few days to investigate the situation and see if he can find the mother. Who comes knocking at his door is Chelsea Brennan.

Chelsea has just come from the morgue after identifying her younger sister's body. Her sister had a pendant with a picture of her child and the address to the Brand ranch and she is there to rescue her nephew from the clutches of the man who killed her sister.
Yeah, a bit off kilter this Chelsea girl.

Chelsea really never falls into my good graces. Due to her abusive father, she has a bit of a trust issue when it comes to men so it's understandable that she takes a difficult stance against the Brands but she is a bit irrational and even after baby Ethan's parentage is cleared up and Garrett is proved to be a gentle and caring man she is always an argument away from jumping down his throat. When she finally trusts the guy she flies to the other extreme and runs away from him , putting him and his family in danger.

The story also dragged for me. It could have been my lack of love for the heroine and the little interest I developed for the outcome but it took me a week to read the 260 pages of the book. I think I will order the 2nd of the Oklahoma Brands and leave the Tx clan to their own devices.


Friday, February 08, 2008

More Challenges in 2008 - Book A Month Challenge

If you thought I was done selecting my challenges for 2008 you were wrong. I'm still working on my lists and making sure I have the resources to satisfy the challenges I have selected to be part of, but I thought I would post the challenge that has no lists...

This challege is similar to the Themed Challenge that I participated back in 2006. The difference is that in this challenge we don't know ahead of time what will be the theme of the month. It reminds me of the Author of the Month readings I do with my Yahoo Group.

Every month a new theme is selected and we need to read a book that has that theme in it (in some form or the other).
I will update this post with the themes as they are posted at the Book A Month Challenge website.

I missed January but I selected a book to read as a catch up...

Jan - Time:
Feb - Hearts: A Valentine Wedding by Jane Feather
Mar - Crafts: Portrait of a Lover by Julianne MacLean
{*** More Crafts: Bewitching by Jill Barnett***}
Apr - Beauty: To Bed a Beauty by Nicole Jordan
May - Mother:
Jun - Knowledge: Only with a Highlander by Janet Chapman
Jul - Independence:
Aug - Cold: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
Sep - Change: Death Angel by Linda Howard
Oct - Hauntings: The Missing by Shiloh Walker
Nov - Giving: Thanksgiving by Janet Evanovich
Dec - Light: Light My Fire by Katie MacAlister (Not Reviewed - B)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Play Dirty by Sandra Brown

Love Love Love Brown. With that said... This one was an interesting change of the pattern. When looking at the book as a suspense it was a straight A. 3/4 of the book I still didn't have a clue as to who was the guilty party. The villain was clear from the get go but that doesn't mean Brown didn't keep her cards close to the vest.

Griff Burket is an NFL QB that had been emprisoned due to gambling on his team, Dallas Cowboys, and throwing the game. He was under suspition of murder at the time he was imprisioned but no evidence could prove his involvement so he was never convicted. On his release he is seen as a piraha, a stain on the earth.
Foster Speakman is an airline mogul who has been trapped in a wheelchair for several years after a car accident. He contacts Griff to offer him an 'employment' opportunity. He wants a child and wants Griff to take care of the 'physical' aspects of the deal - He wants the baby concieved au natural.

Laura Speakman loves her husband and guilt for having been driving the day of his accident, leads her to agree to the arrangement. Greed makes Griff accept.

I had read a few reviews on Amazon before diving into the book and I have to agree to a few points on those reviews. Laura Speakman is not very likable off the bat but neither is her husband. Griff was more likeable, especially when we see how he is trying desperately to get his life in order. Another thing that I don't understand and was never really clear is how Laura, who's a smart business woman, would let Rodark (the villain) bully her and not take the most obvious action which is calling her lawyer. Regardless of what she needs to hide, her willingness to go along with Rodark is just not feasible and was irritaing as the story moved forward.

So I was not a big fan of the heroine, if you can call her that, but I really loved Griff, especially by the end of the book when aspects of his life are revealed. So in the end (this is a Sandra Brown Story so HEA is guaranteed) if he wants Laura, then I was hoping he would get the girl.

This one reminded me a bit of Envy where the bad guy was REALLy bad and the good guy was not clearly definied from the begining.

Grade: B+
Format: Audiobook

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Challenges in 2008 - Pub '08

I've been really itching for a good reading challenge this year. I know I tend to read a good share of my TBR pile every month but what you all don't see are the new books that sneak in to that same pile. I haven't bought a new book since J.R Ward's latest in October but I am part of and I swap many books, which means my shelves are filling up just as fast as I'm reading them.

With so many books to read I find myself not knowing what to grab next. That is what these challenges are for me. Some finite point I can aim for when I'm with out direction. But where too find the challenge? Why of course I turn to my trusted cyber friends / reading buddies from my Yahoo Reading Group (Historical Romance Chat). I'm telling you these girls are the Cool Whip on any dessert! Within a few post I had a good list of sites that were sponsoring challenges.

At this point you might ask, why the need to find an official challenge, why not just self challenge yourself? Sorry, but I'm not too strong on the commitment side of things but I'm damn reliable, so I need some sense of accountability. That's why I have never lost weight on my own and thus I joined Weight Watchers! LOL! Having someone else look at the scale for me motivates me!

So I reviewed a few and I already joined one. Funny thing is that the one I joined does nothing to reduce those books that have been sitting in the TBR pile forever! Oh well! I'll just have to join a few more.

The one I have joined is the Pub 08 Reading Challenge, sponsored by Michelle at 1 More Chapter. The rules are very straight forward:

1. Read a minimum of 8 books published in 2008. (Library books are acceptable!)
2. No children’s/YA titles allowed, since we’re at the ‘pub.’
3. At least 4 titles must be fiction.
4. Crossovers with other challenges are allowed.
5. Titles may be changed at any time

Now to the "List":

1) The Wicked Ways of the Duke by Laura Lee Guhrke
2) To Bed a Beauty by Nicole Jordan
3) Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
4) Racing the Moon by Michele Hauf
5) To Pleasure a Lady by Nicole Jordan
6) Lady Killer by Lisa Scottoline
7) Through the Veil by Shiloh Walker
8) Killer Heat by Linda Fairstein

As I read the selections I'll be updating this post to add the link to the review.

Have you challenged yourself this year?
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