Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lover Revealed by J. R. Ward

Fell absolutely in love with this series last summer when I read the first three books all at once. Then came the wait... God, it took forever for the next installment!

This is the fourth of the series and it tells the story of Butch and Marissa. We met both of them in the first book of the series (Dark Lover).

Butch was a cop and his dedication to saving Beth, who became Wrath's Queen, led to his knowledge and presence in the Brotherhood. He left the force after finding the Brotherhood's cause most rewarding. Unfortunately, although he lives with the Brotherhood and shares their secrets, Butch feels unworthy because he is not allowed to fight the Lessers. He might be surrounded by riches but he cannot respect himself and cannot bring himself to pursue Marissa.

Marissa was Wrath's Shellan (the woman that fed him) and although everyone thought they were destined to be bonded, she was set aside for a mortal. Although Butch attracts her she feels unworthy of him since all of her kind (the aristocracy of Vampires) judge her to be less of a woman. She also fears that if she feeds from him that she will not be able to control herself and will kill him (which she almost does).

At some point Butch is captured by the Lessers when he tries to save a Pre-transition Vamp. They torture him because they know that he is friends with the Brotherhood. The Omega arrives and, discovering the prize that is Butch, inserts some evil part of himself into Butch that almost kills him. He is brought to Marissa's brother who isolates him because he fears that whatever was stuck into Butch could be contagious. Butch is turned to save his life but the Evil in hi is causing him to act a bit differently than expected. Marissa, the Brotherhood and the Scribe Virgin are determined to save the man that could be one told in a prophecy.

This book was one of the most emotionally draining of the series. I thought Zadist's story was the worse but in his case the suffering was expected and, for some reason, made me love him more. This story was so entwined with the subplot it was difficult for me to really feel for Butch. It did make me feel deeply for Vishous since I felt that by giving Butch someone to love left V all alone. There were these weird moments in the book that gave me a feel that V wanted Butch in a WHOLE different way. It was quite an interesting view of V.

John also is heavily depicted in this story and honestly, he doesn't do it for me. I am really looking forward to his transformation to see what a grown up, not so whiny, John can offer. Regardless the story was strong and it was wonderful to continue the line of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Grade: B-
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