Friday, February 08, 2008

More Challenges in 2008 - Book A Month Challenge

If you thought I was done selecting my challenges for 2008 you were wrong. I'm still working on my lists and making sure I have the resources to satisfy the challenges I have selected to be part of, but I thought I would post the challenge that has no lists...

This challege is similar to the Themed Challenge that I participated back in 2006. The difference is that in this challenge we don't know ahead of time what will be the theme of the month. It reminds me of the Author of the Month readings I do with my Yahoo Group.

Every month a new theme is selected and we need to read a book that has that theme in it (in some form or the other).
I will update this post with the themes as they are posted at the Book A Month Challenge website.

I missed January but I selected a book to read as a catch up...

Jan - Time:
Feb - Hearts: A Valentine Wedding by Jane Feather
Mar - Crafts: Portrait of a Lover by Julianne MacLean
{*** More Crafts: Bewitching by Jill Barnett***}
Apr - Beauty: To Bed a Beauty by Nicole Jordan
May - Mother:
Jun - Knowledge: Only with a Highlander by Janet Chapman
Jul - Independence:
Aug - Cold: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
Sep - Change: Death Angel by Linda Howard
Oct - Hauntings: The Missing by Shiloh Walker
Nov - Giving: Thanksgiving by Janet Evanovich
Dec - Light: Light My Fire by Katie MacAlister (Not Reviewed - B)


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