Thursday, February 07, 2008

Play Dirty by Sandra Brown

Love Love Love Brown. With that said... This one was an interesting change of the pattern. When looking at the book as a suspense it was a straight A. 3/4 of the book I still didn't have a clue as to who was the guilty party. The villain was clear from the get go but that doesn't mean Brown didn't keep her cards close to the vest.

Griff Burket is an NFL QB that had been emprisoned due to gambling on his team, Dallas Cowboys, and throwing the game. He was under suspition of murder at the time he was imprisioned but no evidence could prove his involvement so he was never convicted. On his release he is seen as a piraha, a stain on the earth.
Foster Speakman is an airline mogul who has been trapped in a wheelchair for several years after a car accident. He contacts Griff to offer him an 'employment' opportunity. He wants a child and wants Griff to take care of the 'physical' aspects of the deal - He wants the baby concieved au natural.

Laura Speakman loves her husband and guilt for having been driving the day of his accident, leads her to agree to the arrangement. Greed makes Griff accept.

I had read a few reviews on Amazon before diving into the book and I have to agree to a few points on those reviews. Laura Speakman is not very likable off the bat but neither is her husband. Griff was more likeable, especially when we see how he is trying desperately to get his life in order. Another thing that I don't understand and was never really clear is how Laura, who's a smart business woman, would let Rodark (the villain) bully her and not take the most obvious action which is calling her lawyer. Regardless of what she needs to hide, her willingness to go along with Rodark is just not feasible and was irritaing as the story moved forward.

So I was not a big fan of the heroine, if you can call her that, but I really loved Griff, especially by the end of the book when aspects of his life are revealed. So in the end (this is a Sandra Brown Story so HEA is guaranteed) if he wants Laura, then I was hoping he would get the girl.

This one reminded me a bit of Envy where the bad guy was REALLy bad and the good guy was not clearly definied from the begining.

Grade: B+
Format: Audiobook


Anonymous said...

I have this book coming. Haven't heard too many good things about it, but I enjoy books from this author and just don't!

Sandy said...

I grabbed the book i the same manner. Brown is an auto read, regardless of what everyone has said about the book! Yeah, so I'm biased... Don't care! LOL!

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