Monday, January 03, 2005

Sieze The Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Just finished Seize the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon. If you go to the Dark Hunter website ( Kenyon says that this book is where everything changes and a new Dark Hunter is born. She was absolutely right. We get to know so much more about Ash that, at times, it was almost as if it was Ash's story. We find out that there is someone in love with Ash. We also find out WHAT he is. We find out Who is Simi and how the little demon relates to Ash. And we also find out that he has a weakness.

The new Dark Hunter that is born was a shock. Not a shock as to who he was (yes, it's a he. At one point I thought it would be Tabitha), but how he became a DH. I didn't expect the scene to go that way. There is also some question about his being a DH because of the way he died. Let say it was untraditional.

Next book won't be out until July. I guess I'll be waiting in line with my daughter. She'll be buying the new Harry Potter and I'll be picking up the New Kenyon. I'm not familiar with the DH called Alexion. The excerpt makes him appear very powerful. I'm wondering if he had a smaller role in anonther of the books and I just missed it. He could be the guy that provides everyone with their weapons. I think that just might be him. I also think Danger (the female DH) was in Karek's story.

I'm now going to tackle Krinard's Once a Wolf, the second in Krinard's historical wolf series.


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