Saturday, January 15, 2005

Charmed (Anthology) & Lori Foster

Well the third story in the Charmed Anthology I've been reading was a success as predicted. It was a re-read for me though. It was the story of Chase Winston from the Winston Brothers, Tangled Dreams and I gave it a B + .
Okay for those of you that are not familiar with the Winston Brothers go out right now and pick up thier book called... Hold on to your seats now, because you will never believe what Lori named this book... The Winston Brothers! LOL!
She is always so original. She keeps things simple. Gotta Love her!

Anyway, the Winston brothers are all hunky and gorgeous, but Chase Winston is a Dom (he's a Dominant) and he likes things Kinky!! LOL! The series covers Cole, the eldest; Chase, the second eldest; Mack, the youngest and then there is Zane, the wildest of the bunch and next to last in the birth order. He has a book all his own and in that book we get introduced to Joe! Joe gets his own book where he introduces us to Bryan, who also gets his own book. Just like Bruce, Clint and Jamie.
So here is the order of the Winston Series by Lori Foster:
Winston Brothers
Say No to Joe?
The Secret Life of Bryan
When Bruce met Cyn
Just a Hint Clint

Lori is a great read and worth taking the time to pick out her books.

So, I'm thinking about rebelling and reading my books out of order. Blasphemy! I'm such a rebel! LOL!
My TBR pile is in some semblance of an order so I can eventually get to all my books/authors. The thing is that I'm following so many authors that if I read one book from each author I would have to read over 60 books before I repeat an author. This system seemed to work until I realized that I read alot of series. These books are interconnected and if I wait 4-6 months to read the next book in the series I lose track of my characters. So I decided to read the series as they showed up but now I'm back to never getting around to authors that I REALLY like. What a vicious cycle!

I've been in a reading slump lately and so I need to do something to get me going. I'm thinking of just chucking the order and reading what I want! Screw the list!!

I'll let you know if I go ahead and do it or not. At least the next book on my list is a winner. Christine Feehan's Dark Prince, the first book of the Carpathian series.


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