Friday, January 21, 2005

Dark Prince by Christine Feehan

It took me a while but I finally finished Dark Prince by Christine Feehan. My delay in finishing the book was not due to the content of the book but because Dre caught the flu.
Yeah my baby was sick. Funny how a 17 yo can still be your baby when she looks like she is on her last wheel. I had never seen her that sick and it was disturbing. Thank goodness she is on the mend and I'm back to tell you about Feehan's book.

Dark Prince is the first of the Dark Series. This is the story of Prince Mikhail who is virtually ready to commit suicide when he hears Raven Whitney coaxing him away from the edge of insanity. Carpathian males are on the verge of losing their fight with fate. They have virtually no women to breed with and their race is dying. Carpathian men lose all emotions and lose the ability to see in color if they go long without finding their life mate. The emotionless shells they become is no way to live and many choose to step out in to daylight, thus ending their lives. They can also choose to convert into vampires, which is what happens if they lose their mind to the emotionless pit in their soul. Raven is a very strong telepathic person. She helps police solve murders. After tracking down a dangerous serial killer, Raven seeks solitude in the Carpathian Mountains where she discovers Mikhail about to commit suicide.

As soon as Mikhail discovers her he regains his emotions as well as the ability to see in color. This confirms that Raven is his life mate. He then becomes a neanderthal, macho, pig. He is use to commanding and he thinks he can command Raven. Raven becomes a doormat, letting Mikhail walk all over her. He pisses her off, she stomps her feet and says she is leaving him, he makes puppy dog eyes at her and she melts. *sigh*

I was ready to hurl the book out the window when I started to see a change in Mikhail. He started to accept Raven's will and started to respect her. I also became glued to the book because Feehan writes incredibly fast paced action scenes. There is a scene where Raven gets mortally wounded and the pace and descriptions kept you on the edge of your seat. Wonderful work.

As a secondary story line, there are a group of vampire hunters out to kill Mikhail. They have already killed his sister Noelle, leaving her two month old son orphaned. With two more Carpathian women preggers, everyone needs to work together to ferret out the killers and protect the women.

The secondary characters are fabulous! They make you want to know their story, make you want to see them happy.
Next in the series is Dark Desire, but I just ordered it via Amazon so I'll have to put it on hold until it arrives with three more Feehan books.


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