Sunday, January 16, 2005

More Charmed (Anthology)

The last story in the Charmed Anthology was... well... it was good, but... different.

The story was by Eileen Wilkes and it was called Pandora's box.
I liked it and gave it a B, but it was missing something that I just can't put my finger on. The story was about a couple that has a love already established, which is good because I find it hard to believe the 'I met you today and in a few hours I have determined you are it for the rest of my life'. The couple live in an alternate universe where witchcraft and genies have been incorporated into society as minorities. Pandora is a bit prejudice and doesn't realize she is actually a witch. John is her boyfriend and he is a stiff. He basically has a stick up his butt, yet she feels the love. She also realizes there is something missing in the relationship and she hopes to remedy the situation by going on holiday with John to his family home, where she hopes that a good helping of sex will loosen this guys screws. Anyway, the truth is that John wants to propose but there is a secret in his family he must reveal to Pandora before her acceptance. He is a decendant of a djinn (genie). His ancestor needed to seperate his immortal self and everything that was impulsive and spontaneous to become mortal and marry the woman he loved. He then sealed it in a bottle and now all male descendants must give their bride a choice between the entity in the bottle and them.
Well, I would have chosen Jack (the entity in the bottle) in a heartbeat. He was sweet, sexy, fun and much more alive than John.
I think the tough part of this story was feeling that John deserved the girl. He just did nothing to prove he was worth her. He whined alot and was rude to her and was a jerk, but she loved him in his weird stuck up way. All in all it was an entertaining story and a quick read.

This rounds out the Charmed Anthology as a B book.

Starting Christine Feehan's Dark Series next. Dark Prince is first on the list.


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