Sunday, January 02, 2005

Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters

I've been reading Sieze the Night and I must say I have really been enjoying it. There is only one thing that just makes me cringe when I read it. The whole falling in love within 24 hours. Not just a normal falling in love but a"I want to spend eternity with you" type of love. I think I can easier believe the whole Dark Hunter world with all it's Daimons and Undeads than this I spend 24 hours in your company, screw you like there is no tomorrow and therefore I can make a lifelong commitment to you. How does that work?

I have problems with books like that. I need something that can make me believe their love is true. How can you love someone you don't really know? That was my problem with Night Play as well. I loved Vane & Bride's story but he walked into her shop and was screwing her within the hour. What's up with that??

Anyway... I'm still enjoying the book. Valerius is a tortured hero and I'm just a sucker for a man thata has suffered. I guess that is why I really loved Zarek's story. He was hated by all and lived in such isolation, you just felt sorry for the guy. Now with Valerius, Zarek's brother, we see that it runs int he family. I love how Zarek, who is now a god, strikes Val with lightning and sends him rain clouds as a form of punishment. It's sort of funny.

Dre & I went to the movies today. Saw Flight of the Phoenix. It was okay, but more a rental than anything else.
Almost done watching Full Metal Alchemist. We're on episode 42 out of 51. I think we should be done by Wednesday.


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