Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Expecting His Royal Baby by Susan Stephens

It's been a while since a read a book that was so all over the place. This was an eBook I picked up after looking over the eHarlequin book store. It was one that I just picked up out of no place because it was affordable and was part of a series that had good reviews.

Nico Fierezza is a bit of a dare devil. He has no regard for his safety and thrives of extreme sports. He owns a business in London (not clear what type of business since it was not clear in the book) which gives him the edgy excitement he needs on a day to day basis but he is not just a businessman. He is also the grandson to the King of Niroli. After his older brother renounces claim to the throne (this happened in the first book of the series) his grandfather seeks him out to make him heir to the throne. Something he knows right off the bat will never happen. Still he packs up his bags and heads out to the small island to answer the old man's summons.

Carrie Evans was Nico's secretary until a roll on the table with her boss in the conference room made her feel used and she decided to quit and move in with her elderly aunt. When her Aunt dies and she finds herself pregnant and homeless she goes looking for Nico to tell him she is going to have his baby.

This is the prologue and a bit into Chapter One of the book. Quit reading. It goes completely down hill from here. It's not just the asinine back and forth with the heroine but the complete unorganized plot and inconsistencies. The hero is an A*s from the get go, no false illusions there, but the heroine could have been the savior of the book and unfortunately she gave it the kiss of death.

Carrie picks up her bags and flies to Niroli to tell Nico of his impending fatherhood but keeps telling herself that she doesn't want anything from him. Yet the moment she is alone with him, he touches her and her panties drop to the floor. How is it that she could afford to fly to this island in the first place. She finds herself invited to stay in the palace just when she had told Nico she was leaving. Why accept the invitation? To speak to the man that treated you like a gold digging whore a few hours ago?

This was an easy book to read because after the first few pages it became a farce you just couldn't tear yourself away, although I almost threw in the towel when Carrie, haven gotten away from Nico and his insane life, manages to make a decent start on a future for herself but then throws it all away when he strolls in to her life and tells her to pack her stuff and return with him. No pleading or groveling, just let's go.

Sorry but this one was a complete disappointment (do you think the title should have given me a hint?)

Grade: F
Format: eBook


Brenda said...

OK, I was laughing so hard I thought GP would wake up and come see what ll the noise was about. "Yet the moment she is alone with him, he touches her and her panties drop to the floor." Now that was a pretty good visual for me. LOL! Hey, what do you expect from cheap porn...a good storyline? Thanks for the laughs...Another one I wont be reading, LOL!

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