Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Future King's Pregnant Mistress by Penny Jordan

Yeah another one with an appealing title. I really have very little to say good about this one. It was written from the same vein as the Susan Stephen's entry for this series.

Marco Fierezza is almost as cold hearted as Nico was in Expecting his Royal Baby, the only difference is that this one shows he is falling in love with Emily as the book moves forward.

Emily, a self made woman who is an interior designer with her own business, is a doormat to Marco and folds to his every whim.

The book was bad but as I mentioned it had it's moments and we see Marco changing a bit (you need to watch out for the change because you can easily miss it before the end of the book) which is why the book did not end up with an F and walked away with the better score of D-

I don't think I'll pick up another Harlequin Presents.

Grade: D-
Format: eBook


Brenda said...

My theory is that if there is a woman in the pic with the stud muffin, you just have to pass...I looked at the pic and graded it, then read your review and whala! I told you so! It's a dud. LOL!
Thanks for trying to save me from bad reads...

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