Sunday, April 29, 2007

Parallel Heat by Deidre Knight

Since I had the next book in the Midnight Warriors Series I picked up the next story immediately after I read PAttraction. In a way it is very good that I did since this story picks up the same day the last book ends. I had never read a romance novel where the succession of events where so entangled with the first book in the series that you were required to read the first to understand the second.

This book was to focus on the story of the Refarian warrior that betrayed Jared and Kelsey in the first book. In the original timeline, Marcus arrives two years after Jared and Kelsey marry but after the events in the first book, the timeline has been altered and he joins the crew the day after the marriage takes place.

Thea is Jared's cousin and also was suppose to be his bride, she is bit wounded by the fact that a mere human was able to melt her King's heart in just a few days. She goes off to a bar with Scott, Jared's second in command, and immediately senses the presence of the other alien, Marcus.

I found the book that was suppose to be about Thea and Marcus revolve mostly around the war that is going on, on the fertility problems of Jared and Kelsey, and on the impending attack by their enemies on US soil.

Yes, there was lot of development of the character of Marcus but it was a bit difficult to understand the attraction between him and Thea, except that they had some shared memories from a separate timeline that was causing them to experience the old Thea and Marcus' feelings.

I found myself skimming through their parts and getting into the story of Scott and his encounter with a blind linguist called Hope. I really hope that Knight can do their story justice. I feel Scott has a story to tell and Hope, being a bit different herself, could just be the woman to bring that story out, but honestly... I'm not sure what to expect of the next book. I have a problem believing that I will pick the next one up, but I think it's the Roswell thing again....

Grade: D


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