Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rough and Ready by Sandra Hill

When it comes to Sandra Hill's Viking series, grading is a bit skewed. The reason is because the premise is so out there that you really need to stretch your imagination and treat it more as an Alt. Universe type of book. I grade these books on their level of entertainment and on how believable it is in it's absurd alternate reality.

Torolf Magnusson is one of the may children of Magnus, one of the original three brothers that time traveled into modern age America. Torolf is a Navy Seal and he is going to need all his training when he returns to the 11th century at the bequest of his sister to stop Steinolf from destroying his homelands. His fellow Navy Seals go with him and they find themselves housing at a sanctuary for battered woman that is run by Brunhilda Berdottir.

Brunhilda saw her father die at the hands of Steinrolf and although weary at first shelters the rag tag group of men because Torolf has agreed to teach them how to fight so that they can help in the military action against their mutual enemy.

The attraction starts in the midst of all the hectic training and preparing but that soon passes when they defeat the bad guy. Torolf appears ready to give up on Brunhilda, even though I would have thought it a great ending to have him stay and show some loyalty to his people, but in the end he and his men finally get transported into modern time but what is unexpected is that Hilda goes with them by mistake. Now comes the stretch of the imagination... Hilda seems to be very accepting of the change is time. I guess Hill did prepare us for this since she had Torolf explain to Hilda early on that he had time traveled into the past to help defeat the enemy.

If you think the story is over you are very wrong. While in the hospital, Hilda's bloodwork is discovered to be different from modern day humans and a group of crazies target her as an Alien. After escaping the hospital and possible abductions to a scientific lab, she is forced into hiding at Hog Heaven Trailer park, where she meets many interesting characters.

Grade: B


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