Sunday, April 29, 2007

Parallel Attraction by Deidre Knight

I admit that I was not quite anxious to read this book. I put it off for forever. I actually received the next book in the series before bringing myself to read this one. I don't have a particular reason; I was just not ready for aliens in my Paranormal/ Sci-Fi/ Alt.Reality genre. I have read Deidre Knight in the past. You might ask, 'Where? This is her first romance published'. She use to be part of my Roswell Fan Fiction writing group and she was absolutely FABULOUS at that.

Let me get into Parallel Attraction. This book is focused on the relationship between Jared Bennett and Kelsey Wells. Jared is the exiled king of a species called Refarians. They are now considered a rebellious group since their planet has been taken over by their enemies called the Antousians.

When Jared was young his elders took him to Earth where he fell in love with a young girl, but since she was merely a human and he was king, the elders erased all him memory of the time with her. Many years later, in the same hills where he met his young love, he suffers an attack from the US military when he was returning to his camp. Knowing that the information he carried could not fall into the enemy's hand, he bonds with a young woman that was on the ridge and deposits the information in her. Now the information needs to be removed but he is not sure how to do that without harming the human that, for some reason, has become very important to him.

Kelsey is a geologist that spent most of her life camping on those hills; she is searching for some samples when she stumbles on a scene that has her questioning much of her beliefs. The man that can turn into a ball of energy is wounded and although she knows she should be frightened, she's not. She offers to help and feels him melding into her. Now she is involved in a war she had no idea existed and falling in love with an Alien that is sovereign among his people.

The story is complex with two different endings, killers coming back from the future to stop things from happening, jilted lovers, redeemed men.... The writing is soo Dee (which is excellent) but the story itself appears to be taken from the annals of the Roswell/ Timecop/ Terminator archives and that is what really ruined it for me.

I found the similarities too close to Roswell to not find myself rolling my eyes all the time.
Here are some examples for those not familiar with the Roswell TV show:
  • In Roswell - exiled King hiding on Earth falls for an Earthling.
  • In one of the most loved episodes, Max (the alien King) comes back in time to stop the 'End of The World'.
  • Liz (the Earthling) becomes a very important part of the rebellion with her scientific mind (like Kelsey).
  • In PAttraction, the enemy comes back in time in a Mitre that is actually a very powerful weapon against their enemies; In Roswell, the future Max comes to the past in what was called The Granolith, which is also a very powerful weapon against their enemies. These machines both work on the power that is fed to them and both develop to their potential under the human woman's hand,
  • Oh, and lets not forget that the same person (one present - one future) cannot occupy the same space without consuming itself into nothingness.

For those interested in Roswell and learning more about this short lived, fabulous series visit The Crashdown where you can find synopsis of all three seasons of episodes.

I guess if you never experienced Roswell, you could easily love this book, but you should be forewarned that the book leans much into the Sci-Fi realm and might not be everyone's cup of tea.

Grade: C


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