Sunday, February 04, 2007

Servicing Lady Termayne by Emma Wilde

This ebook was a short read but it was very enjoyable. It had a bit of the unusual, a bit of suspense and then a lot of sensuality.

Daphne, The Countess Tremayne , was left a widow a few years ago. Although she cared for husband, Jeffrey, he was much older than her and she found herself fantasizing about the physician that attended him the last two years of his life. Although the thoughts had been there, she did not betray her husband and only after her mourning period ha past did she dare to call on Dr. Blake.

Thomas Blake is the 5th son to a viscount and without prospects he has made medicine his profession. When Lady Tremayne has him summoned to her home for a consult he never imagined that he would be asked to service her in another way.

I really must say that the author is quite good at writing a well rounded tale. From the moment that Daphne seduced Thomas until the expected HEA, it was all believable. There was adventurous liaisons in a brothel, as well as passionate loving at his office. There was also a villain that gave another twist to the story, and Wilde put it all in at 30 pages without missing a beat.

Don't expect a romance that will leave you breathless, or erotica that will curl your toes, but if you a looking for a sexually driven tale that does not cross the line into vulgar and yet leaves you smiling at the lightness of the story, don't miss this one.

Grade: B
Format: ebook


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