Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Perfect Fit by Sheridon Smythe

I started reading the duo that is Sheridon Smythe a while ago with her books from the 'Completely' series. I have found their work to be on the lighter side of romance. I have never found the work to be emotionally compelling or memorable but they are great reads for when you are looking for a beach book.

In this one we meet Alex Bradshaw who is a bit of a workaholic. To the point that it is making him ill. He has finally arranged to go away for a few weeks at the advice of his doctors as well as his family and friends. Before he leaves, though, he receives a tip from an ex-employee of his, recently acquired, condom factory, that there might be some wrong doing taking place in the small town.

Brooke Welch has a bad temper. Her fuse is so short some might consider it to be an innie (like in the bell buttons). Her parents where killed several years ago and left her to raise her 14 year old sister. This sister has just announced that she is pregnant and that the one that got her in that condition has been avoiding her calls. This sets Brooke into a rampage of unparallel proportions. She is determined that the cad that got her little sister pregnant marry her or pay dearly for ensnaring her sister in the romantic trap she finds herself in now. Her way of doing this is to kidnap him and make him face HER music!

The only glitch to this is that she kidnaps the wrong guy! That's right, poor Alex was just minding his own business when Brooke sweeps down on him and forces him into her car with what he thought was a gun but was really just a dildo.

After Alex realizes that Brooke would not actually harm him, he decides that she might actually be able to help him untangle the mess his condom factory appears to be in. With a little blackmail and alot of sexual tension, he convinces her to help him.

The book was just a smooth read but there was one thing that had me hung up from the very beginning. It was that Brooke was very attracted to Alex and actually found herslf kissing him twice, BEFORE she realized he was not her little sister's boyfriend. I found that very disturbing and for some reason, she never could redeem herself after that. It was always in the back burner and I had problems getting over that.

After finding Brooke flawed, I found that she was loud and difficult to really care for. Regardless of any sad tale that was spun, I really couldn't connect with her. If you don't care much about the sisterly betrayal, you will enjoy the book. It is witty and the characters are sharp.

Grade: C+


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