Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Assignment by Evangelina Anderson

I think I will add another goal in 2007 as to read at least one ebook each month. I had missed the darn things!
What I like about ebooks is that you don't find as many barriers as to the content. Its funny to think it in today's day and age, but it appears that mainstream publishing does censure it's content. In a way I do understand the reasoning behind it, since certain genres do cater to a particular audience. I still like the physical feel of a book when I'm reading but I really love certain genres that you can find more easily in ebook format. One of those genre is gay relationships. Male/Male pairings are very sexy and, when written well, very romantic.

I picked up this title after I saw the recap Rosario had on it in her blog.

The story revolves around Nick Valenti who is a detective and his partner, Sean O'Brian. They get assigned to a case that has them going undercover to a gay spa/resort. Nick has issues accepting his sexuality and his growing attraction to his partner. He recently divorced and has thought himself straight but his feelings for Sean are very strong and he does not believe Sean would EVER return his feelings.

During this trip/assignment Sean has had no problem falling into the role of Nick's boy toy and they find themselves pushing the limits as to what is acceptable to do to 'catch' the bad guy. The thing is that it is pretty obvious that Sean is definitely attracted to Nick but he is not sure if Nick is ready to accept his own feelings for Sean.

Scenes were hot, hot, hot! And if it wasn't for Nick's constant need to remind himself how Sean would NEVER accept a relationship with him, I would have given this one and A.

Format: ebook


Chantal said...

What is the length of this one?
I have read one EA e-book but it was really short so there wasn't much of a story. As good as the sex scenes were, I still like a story behind them.

If this one isn't too short, then I'd like to read it.

Strlady said...

Thanks for reading my reviews.
This one is 155 pgs which is a good length in an ebook (novel size).

You should definitely check it out!

Chantal said...

Thanks, I'll do that.

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