Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands

Finally got around to reading this one. This is the prequel to the Argeneau Vampire series which contains the titles Tall, Dark and Hungry; Single White Vampire and Love Bites.

This series has been published out of order and so it has been a challenge to follow but they have been worth the aggravation. For those new to the series, A Quick Bite is the first in the series, followed by Love Bites, Single White Vampire and then Tall Dark & Hungry.

Lissianna suffers of hemophobia, which in itself is not a terrible thing if you are a mortal, but for a Vampire, it could be deadly. On her birthday, her mother decides to give her the gift of health by kidnapping a renown psychiatrist with a exceptional track record in curing people with phobias.

Greg Hewitt is finally taking a well deserved vacation when he encounters a mysterious woman that compels him to act irrationally. It seems he has no will of his own and goes peacefully with her to her home and allows her to strap him down to her daughter's bed. Now he finds himself with a cute little bow around his neck and enjoying the best foreplay he has had in ages.

With relatives coming out of the woodwork and a priest determined to rid the world of a soulless Vamp, this story keeps you hopping and is quite enjoyable. It was not the best of the series (that would have to be Love Bites) but it had me grinning for most of the story which made it a worthwhile read.

In the end I didn't really see Greg cure Lissi of her phobia but we are lead to believe that a resolution is in sight. I enjoyed how the relationship between these two blossomed and although their love blossomed fairly quickly, Sands worked the tale in a way that made it acceptable.

Grade: B-


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