Monday, April 17, 2006

Night Watch by Suzanne Brockmann

This is the last of the Tall, Dark and Dangerous series. Not the last I will read, like I mentioned before, since I plan on eventually tackling Blue McCoy's story Forever Blue, but the last book that was published for this series. Brockmann says she plans on giving us more with the characters she has introduced in the last few books (Risotti, Lee and Thomas) but it's been a while (this one was published in 2003) and we really have not seen this yet.

Night Watch is the story of Wes Skelly, best friend and swim buddy to Bobby Taylor (Taylor's Temptation) and we have seen in the last three books that Wes has had the unfortunate luck to fall in love with Lana Quinn (whom we met in Get Lucky). Lana is married to 'Wizard' also known as the 'Mighty Quinn' of Alpha Team Two. Quinn is not much of a husband to Lana (he is unfaithful) but for some reason I really didn't feel much sympathy for her.

Wes had some time off and Lana asked him to look into the security system of her sister, who apparently is a movie star and is getting stalked, so he heads off to LA. While he is there Cowboy and Melody (Everyday Average Jones) set him up on a blind date with Melody's sister Brittney.

We met Brittney in Everyday Average Jones as the live-in divorced sister of Melody. She had adopted Andy who, at the time, was a 13 year old trouble maker. Now, Andy is 19 and is in college. They have moved to LA to pursue his college career and she is trying to get her degree in nursing.

Britt and Wes hit it off right from the get go. She is spunk and no nonsense and he is delighted with her matter of fact attitude. She knows he's hung up on another woman and accepts the relationship as temporary.

That is, until that matter of fact attitude makes him face some glaring problems in his life and he realizes this woman was meant for him. When Lana suddenly becomes available, Wes needs to decide where his heart lies.

I really loved Wes. He was all bouncy energy and cuteness. As the shortest man on the team he got his share of ribbing and we see that it doesn't always fly over his head. He also needs some serious therapy that Brittney was willing to give. Britt was what this man needed. No nonsense and to the point but also with a softer side that empathized with him. She never really felt sorry for him, more on the side of supporting him as he shed the layers of his soul to her.

Grade: B


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