Saturday, April 22, 2006

On The Run by Iris Johansen

Johansen is a must buy for me. Her romantic suspense is not as fabulous as Sandra Brown but very much comparable to Linda Howard. For some bizarre reason I don't love her Eve Duncan series but her stand alone work and, even those books that take place in Eve Duncan's world, keep me coming back for more. Her latest book definitely doesn't disappoint.

Grace Archer is a Horse Whisperer living on a ranch in Alabama with her 8 year old daughter Frankie and the man that took them in many years ago, Charlie. But Grace also has a past kept secret from everyone except for the local Martial Arts instructor, Robert. Nine years ago Grace was a CIA operative in training on a mission in El Tariq, Morocco. Her team's mission was to kidnap a pair of horses which appear to have the ability to find a buried treasure in the dessert. The problem is that 'The Pair', as they are known, are untamed and have killed many who have tried to get close enough to tame them. The mission goes sour and they barely make it out alive but not before she develops feelings and has an affair with her leader, Jake Kilmer.

Jake has tried to keep his distance from Grace over the years, even after he learns she is pregnant with his child, but his recent actions have put her in danger. After stealing a map from the man that owns "The Pair", the villain, called Marvot, is more determined than ever to find the woman that almost tamed his horses. With a mole in the CIA, Marvot discovers her whereabouts and attacks the ranch.

Jake will not let her face this madman alone and steps back into her life stealing her off to another safe house where they get reacquainted. When Marvot kidnaps their daughter, Frankie, the action kicks up into high gear.

This was simply a wonderful read that kept you glued to the book from page one until you turned the last page. With just the right mix between action, suspense and romance, Johansen takes us for a rollercoaster ride that is typical with her work. Definitely pick this one up.

Grade: A
Format: Audiobook


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