Thursday, March 30, 2006

Reckless Conduct by Susan Napier

Harriet Smith has decided to turn a new leaf and stop being the mousey, dependable, predictable and utterly boring secretary she has been up to now. After the devastating loss of all her family, she takes her inheritance and decides to blow it all on living a fantasy life. She gets a complete makeover and discovers a new attitude that has everyone around her in a tizzy, especially her boss.

Marcus is the only one of them that remembers exactly what happened three months ago on New Years Eve, and it's a night he will not soon forget. The little mousey secretary has gotten under his skin and when she shows up at her new assignment looking like a blonde bombshell it takes a lot of discipline to keep himself from just grabbing what he feels is already his. Now, all he needs to do is make her fall in love with him before she does anything more rash than buy a Porsche on her lunch break.

Very cute, very smooth read. At times I just wanted to kick Harriet in the bum to get her out of a path towards self destruction but Marcus was on top of things and he got the I love yous said before things got out of hand.

Grade: B+


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