Saturday, March 04, 2006

Prince Joe by Suzanne Brockmann

I'm thinking that Brockmann is just plain great at what she does, regardless of the length of the book. This is the other Navy SEAL series that Brockmann writes. I discovered this talented writer when I picked up Flashpoint from the library as an audiobook.
I have read every book after Flashpoint and in truth, sometimes I feel cheated from enjoying them to my fullest because Brockmann usually explores subromances in her full length novels, so if you miss one of the first novels you tend to miss some background of the current romance. Not so with the category romance series (Tall, Dark and Dangerous).

Prince Joe is the first book of the series but it did not lay ground work for the next book, which is a relief since I don't have the next book (I have the one that follows). Anyway... Joe Catalanotto is a dead ringer for Prince Tedric, who is making a US tour and has had an assassination attempt made. Joe is brought to stand in his place until the assassins are found and Veronica St. John is the person who is going to transform this New Jersey boy into royalty.

I like how Brockmann lets the romance build without rushing it but the misunderstandings were getting to the point where they were annoying, Too much of the tension between the couple was based on the misconception each of them had about the other and their own insecurities just fed it. This really took away from a really sweet and romantic story. I loved the scene when Joe visits the sick child at the hospital and then breaks down. It gave him such a human side and made him even more adorable. The secondary characters were also well written and makes you look forward to reading their story.

Grade: B


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