Saturday, March 25, 2006

Anthology - Howl

This Anthology is more focused on stories for Halloween, but the themed plot doesn't take from the stories, regardless of when they are read.

Jet Mykles - Leashed: Two For One Deal: Meg Grey is a witch in need of some help so she casts out a guardian spell to attract shifters that might help her but what she ensnares are a werewolf (Rudy) and a feline (Michael). It seems that Meg is the daughter of a very powerful witch and there is a warlock that wants to recruit her into his coven. When Roland steals Meg's power, Michael and Rudy have a way to link them together so that she can use their power as a conduit to regain her own. Very sexy short story but it left the story open ended. Didn't bother me too much though. (B+ )

Raine Weaver - Wolfe's Gate: Scarlett Grier is caught in a storm and when her Miata ends up in a ditch she seeks refuge in an ancient castle owned by Grayson Wolfe. She is definitely attracted to the mysterious man that locks her in a room, for 'her safety'. That night she witnesses several of Gray's 'guests' having a free for all sex party in the yard and she gets turned on but when the morning arrives and she is attacked by one of Gray's guests she hi tails it out of there quickly. When she arrives at her grandmother's house she discovers that she has died and her cousin Lucas has taken over the place. She spends the rest of the day fantasizing of Grayson. That evening she returns to the castle with seduction in mind and it doesn't take much to convince Gray, regardless of the fact that she is human and he is very much a Wolf. The story is really just a quick romp without promises of eternal love. When Scarlett is threatened, Gray saves her from an enemy wolf and she tells him that she is falling in love with him but the tone is so light that it is acceptable and believable, which is nice. (B )

Jeigh Lynn - All Hallow's Moon: This was the flop of the Anthology. I had not read something this bad since I use to read Roswell Fanfiction. The Hernandez family is having their yearly Halloween party and Devon 'Dash' Rigotti (their adopted son) is back from school to attend. When his brother arrives from his residency program, Dash gets all turned on over the scent he carries on him. Seems Alex is best friends with Dash's mate. Jill, who has been invited to this get together gets lost on her way and hits a wolf with her car. Of course she puts the animal in her car and then continues looking around until she finds a cabin of sorts to wait out the storm that comes in. It's there that she discovers the truth of her furry companion and then proceeds to have sex with the unknown mystery man. This story was so unbelievable it had me rolling my eyes before chapter four.I forced myself to finish it in hopes it would improve but there was no salvaging it. (D-)

The Anthology as a whole suffered because of the last story. If you are willing to pick this one up thinking that you are getting two stories instead of three you will not be disappointed because the first two stories were just so good, the book is worth picking up for just those.

Grade: C+
Format: ebook


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