Monday, May 24, 2004

Stealing Heaven by Madeline Hunter

I finished Stealing Heaven last Friday. I was a little disappointed but I think it has more to do with my mood and not the book itself. The book was very sober. There was no humor in it at all, yet there was not alot of angst either. It was just very serious.

Marcus and Nesta find themselves at the opposite corners of a war. Marcus is sworn to the King while Nesta is commited to her Welsh countrymen. She has become a sort of icon for their cause and she is obligated to pursue the cause her father has entrusted her with.

The problem is that her commitment to this cause is really an act of treason and if caught she would have to be executed. This is something that Marcus, who has fallen in love with her, cannot permit, thus putting him in a very difficult situation, one that borders on treason itself. Marcus has to walk a very fine line in order to save Nesta and avoid the war that her coutrymen seem impelled to fight.

The book was entertaining but too easy to put down.


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