Monday, May 24, 2004

Slightly Sinful by Mary Balogh

Since I'm at it I guess I should note that I started reading another book that is promising to be much easier and much more light hearted. I think I'm into no brainers.

Slightly Sinful by Mary Balogh

If I have never talked to you about this author let me take a moment to tell you that she is one of my all time favorites. Everything she writes is golden (or everything that I have read of hers). The Bedwyn Series is her latest accomplishment and Sinful is the fifth installment in the series. There are two prequels that I tend to count as part of the series because you can't read one without having read the other. The series is as follows:
One Night for Love
A Summer to Remember
Slightly Married
Slightly Wicked
Slightly Scandalous
Slightly Tempted
Slightly Sinful
Slightly Dangerous (coming out in June)

Sinful is the story of Alleyne and what happened to him when he disappeared during the battle at Waterloo in Slightly Tempted. Tempted was the story of Morgan (the youngest Bedwyn). During that book Alleyne was sent to deliver a letter to the Duke of Wellington at the frontline of the battle. On his return Alleyne was wounded and found by Rachel York, who was scourging the countryside in search of goods that could be removed from the dead soldiers. She rescues Alleyne from certain death by taking him to the surgeon who removes the bullet from his thigh but when he awakens he find himself with amnesia.

When Alleyne awakens he find himself in a brothel. Rachel lets him believe that she works there when in fact she is lady. He discovers her rouse after he makes loves to her and takes her virginity. He then gets the whole story.

Rachel has been robbed of her possessions by a schemer (Rev. Crawley) and the owners of the brothel are trying to get some money to pursue the man, in hopes that they can get the money he has stolen from them. In a scheme that will get them Rachel's inheritance, Alleyne finds himself posing as Rachel's husband for her Uncle who is her guardian and must approve of her marriage before releasing her inheritance to her.

As you can see the plot gets to be very interesting and Balogh's gifted writing makes the reading a pleasure. I am halfway through the book and will be back with my final thoughts when I'm finished.


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