Thursday, May 27, 2004

Lady Sophia's Lover by Lisa Kleypas

Well, I finished Slightly Sinful and it was delicious! I loved how both Alleyne and Rachel grew up emotionally due to the adventures that they were forced to have while trying to ferret out the Crawley bandit.
Rachel found herself surrounded by love, something that had been mostly denied to her in the past. She discovered that not all is what it seemed. Her uncle, whom she had thought to be a mean spirited ogre was actually a wonderful man, who loved her dearly and was denied the opportunity to share this love for her by her own father.
Alleyne who seemed to be wandering without direction before losing his memory found a new purpose in life and a love that would fill his life completely.
I loved the reunion between Alleyne and his family and I also appreciated the fact that he came to Rachel before actually going to his family. He didn't know what he would find at Lindsey Hall and yet he knew that Rachel was his future and was a constant that he did not want to change, regardless of what he found.

Can't wait for the last installment of this series... Slightly Dangerous. It comes out next week in Hardcover and although I really hate to buy hardcover, I don't think I can wait until paperback.

Anyway, with that book done, I've moved on to the next book in my tbr pile (that would be To Be Read pile).

Lady Sophia's Lover by Lisa Kleypas

This is the second in the Bow Street Runner Series. The first was Someone to Watch over Me which introduced us to the Bow Street offices and it's magistrate Sir Ross Cannon.

Cannon is a widower who has vowed not to marry again. He is known as the Monk of Bow Street because he has remained celibate for many years. His wife, who had a frail constitution died in childbirth and he blames himself for impregnating her. He has since dedicated his life to the runners and has become a recluse and a workaholic.

Sophia Sydney enters his life when she answers an advertisement for an assistant to the Magistrate. At first sight, Ross is engaged. He is intrigued by the woman and after resisting a bit, hires her. Sophia goes to Cannon in search of revenge. She blames Ross for the death of her younger brother who, she believes, was sent to a prison haul after being sentenced for pick pocketing. She expects to find an evil, merciless man in Ross Cannon and she is bent on seducing him, making him fall in love with her and then breaking his heart. Instead she discovers a caring man who robs her very soul.

Kleypas is a wonderful author. The sensuality in her books are recommend and she doesn't disappoint with Lady Sophia's Lover. Ross and Sophia are destined to be together and Ross is a hero worthy of total happiness. The discovery that Sophia's brother did not die and in fact has become, unbeknownst to everyone, Ross's sworn enemy added a twist to the story that could have become a painful cliche typical of historical romances but Kleypas handles the obstacle with a flair that sets up the stage for the last installment of this series. Nick Gentry's story is told in Worth Any Price.


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