Friday, June 27, 2008

The Stephenie Meyer mini-Challenge

Marg from the Reading Adventures blog recently posted a mini-Challenge she joined that was right up my alley since I had recently discovered Stephenie Meyer, so I rushed over to Becky's Reading reviews and joined.

If you think you would like to join and discover the wonderful talent that is Meyer head on over to Becky's blog and leave her a comment.

Let me break down the challenge:
:: The challenge started on June 1st and you have until January 30th 2009 to finish it.
:: You need to read two (yup, just two) books authored by Stephenie Meyer.
:: No reviews are required but you need to leave a comment on Becky's site letting her know the titles you read.
:: IF you read the Twilight series, she would like to know who you are rooting for, Edward or Jacob.

That's it. Pretty straight forward, huh? Well, I recently completed this challenge (will post reviews shortly) but I'm not closing the door on this one just yet.

The newest installment of the Twilight Series will be out in August and it is a must read for everyone that has been following the adventures of Bella Swan.

So keep an eye out for Breaking Dawn (Don't you just love the covers!!)

Another of Meyer's titles I'm waiting on is The Host. I'm on the hold list at the library but I'm number 18. So it might be a while. This is Meyer's first Mainstream title, since the Twilight Series is marketed to Young Adults (I believe I'm young and I am an adult, nothing wrong with my enjoying them!)

So if you read twilight and decided it was not for you, give The Host a chance, it just might be your cup of tea!


Marg said...

I am gushing to every one about how good The Host is.

Anonymous said...

This challenge looks fun I love the twilight series.

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