Thursday, March 20, 2008

Portrait of a Lover by Julianne MacLean

I had this book staring at me for over three years in my TBR, so when the Book A Month challenge said March's theme was Crafts I searched high and low for a book that had some type of craft in it and found this one... Craft reference... she's a painter.

Annabelle Lawson is a painter who suffered a great heartache 13 years before when the enemy of her stepbrother pretended to be someone else and stole her heart.

Magnus Wallis didn't know who the charming young lady he met on the train was until after he was completely taken with her. Although he tried to stay away from the one woman that was not his to take, he just couldn't and he fell for her as hard as she did.

Now what happened after they fell in love which caused the drift over 13 years? I wouldn't be able to tell you because I just could not continue reading the book. I was on pg 100 and it had taken me a week and a half to get that far. There was nothing that made me want to come back to the story. To say it was slow was an understatement.

The book moved from past to present but most of the of it took place in the past (at least in the 100 pgs I read). I just wanted to get to the here and now, the retrospect was just not working for me. I realized that if the part where these two fell in love was not allowing me to make the connection with the characters then I really wasn't going to care for their HEA. At that point I closed the book for good.

On an aside note, this book is part of MacLean's American Heiress series.I also will say that I never really had a good feeling about this book just because the cover was sooo horrible!

Still, MacLean has given many great reads over the years and will chuck this one as simply a blimp on her great record.

Grade: DNF


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