Monday, March 31, 2008

All Night Long by Michele Albert

I first read Michele Albert as an AOM several years ago and unfortunately my selection of Absolute Trouble was not the best choice since I found it lacking. It took me a while to give her that second chance I always give new authors but I'm happy I did.

Anne Beckett is searching for truths. For the last ten years, the photojournalist has been following the trail a Civil War soldier took to his disappearance. Lewis Hudson was a soldier that had a sweet heart waiting for him at home, he had a mother and a community that cherished him and he had a strong sense of honor and duty, yet the records list him as a deserter after he disappeared. Anne, who finds herself distantly related to Lewis, is looking for the truth so she can clear his name. Her search leads her straight to the farm of Rik Magnusson.

Rik is a farmer that lives more like a hermit. He doesn't want anyone at his farm and he especially doesn't want Annie, but with a drought that threatens to put him under he needs an influx of cash and when Annie offers to pay him to allow her to look over a part of land where she suspects Lewis disappeared he decides it's the lesser of two evils (or so he thought).

This story has such a great rhythm it was a pleasure to pick up. There was no rush to get in bed for these two but the tension was there. Annie had strong abandonment issues having been raised in the foster care system and Rik had serious trust issues since his wife ran off with his best friend. These two had to tear down the walls around their heart before love could flourish there.

This was the first book I read on my new Sony Reader and it was so nice to be able to enjoy reading the book so comfortably!

I have another of Albert's books in my eTBR pile, and I will not wait too long to attack it.

Grade: A
Format: ebook


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