Monday, January 28, 2008

The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt

I reviewed the first book in this series The Raven Prince and found Hoyt's work enjoyable but then I read her next story in the series (The Leopard Prince), which I did not review, and was very disappointed. So when this one came out I didn't rush out to purchase it but waited a bit until I was ready to give Hoyt another try. I was very happy I did since this one, IMO, was the best of the three.

Miss Lucy Craddock-Hayes finds Simon, Viscount Iddesleigh beaten, stabbed and stripped bare on the side of the road. At first she believes him dead but quickly realizes he is still alive and takes him home where she can nurse him back to health. Lucy's father who is a retired naval officer, is not at all pleased since he sees that this stranger will disrupt the quiet country life Lucy has always known. He was right.

The first part of the book is where we see this couple fall in love. Simon awakes to find himself in the presence of pure innocence and although he feels unworthy, he is drawn to the woman that he calls his "angel". His wit and charm makes Lucy realize that she is not willing to settle for less than true love but Simon is not the carefree man he allows Lucy to see, but a very tormented man who's commitment to revenge has been eroding his soul for several years. When he brings danger to Lucy's doorstep he realizes that he must leave the fantasy behind and return to his living hell.

Simon is determined to avenge his brother Ethan's death. He has campaigned to challenge every man he believes had a hand in his brother's murder and is still short two... maybe three?
This second part in the book is very dark and difficult to read but so well pieced together it made sense. I loved when Simon goes back to Lucy and asks her to be his. You see he is on borrowed time and he needs her to save him so desperately.

Beautiful book to the very last scene! Kudos to Hoyt who brings this series to a close with a bang!!

Grade: A-


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