Saturday, January 05, 2008

An Arranged Marriage by Jo Beverley

The book itself was one that was enthralling but mostly it was because it was a bit unconventional.

The heroine is raped by the hero's brother within the first 30 pages of the book. It seems Lord Stainbridge prefers 'other' entertainments and when presented with a young man at a party for 'his pleasure' he is forced into a situation where he must prove his manliness and he rapes Eleanor. He is not aware that she has not given her consent, in fact he thinks she is a whore, but when he discovers his error the next day he tells her that who raped her was his twin brother Nicholas Delaney and that he will be forced to marry her.

To Nicky he confesses everything and to save his twin's skin, Nicholas agrees to marry Eleanor.

Now Eleanor has her reasons to marry anyone other than the man whom her brother has chosen for her, but she agrees too easily to marry her rapist and then after the wedding she discovers that he had not raped her at all but the kind brother who had offered her shelter was the actual rapist and Nick is just the man 'forced' to marry her. She then proceeds to consummate the marriage with the brother of her rapist, so now both brothers have tasted her favors.

Yeah, so as you can see the book was a bit peculiar and I kept telling myself, no way did she just do that, no way did she just agree to that, no way did she just put up with that! Even when Eleanor was upset and took steps to become someone to stand on her own she screwed up and Nick would have to clean up after her. Everyone thought her soo brave in the book (she is referenced in that manner many times) but I just could not see it. Nicholas needed to be horse whipped but with Eleanor as his wife... well, you can guess.

I gave the book a C- but it was because with all I have already said, it was a book I seemed not able to let go. It had me seeking any moment to pull out the book and read another page. It's like watching a train wreck that you cannot turn away from. I am actually looking forward to reading the other Rouge's story... sick isn't it?

Grade: C-


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