Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Scot, The Witch and The Wardrobe by Annette Blair

Last of the original Salem Witch series. This is the story of Victoria Cartwright who swears up and down that she is NOT a witch but she speaks in rhymes and when she does... something is bound to happen!

She should have had a clue when she was the first to have been able to open the Wardrobe that has been passed down through generations. When she does, what does she find? A unicorn, OF COURSE! (How could a carousel unicorn fit in a wardrobe is beyond me!)

Rory MacKenzie recognizes the Unicorn when Vickie appears on TV at an Antique roadshow. The Unicorn was crafted by his ancestor and it is said to be what will end a family curse. So Rory heads off to America to verify that the unicorn is the real deal but what he finds is that Vickie is what REAL is all about. The only problem is that she distrusts him and he doesn't trust himself around her!

The banter between these two is to die for, but the constant self doubt in Vickie eventually gets to you, she definitely has self image issues and, although Rory is constantly trying to reinforce his feelings for her, she is a no go. I found that the triplets appearance in the book really didn't move the story along but kind of stood in the way of the smooth storytelling. Outside this book I would have loved the triplet's characters, but they really just stood in the way on this one.

This one is a great read though, and worth the time to pick it up. Rory is just a dream and although Vickie didn't do it for me much, I still really loved the witticisms that distinguishes this series as a whole!

Grade: B


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