Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lady Rouge by Suzanne Enoch

Enoch has proven to be a jewel of an author and she did not disappoint with this reprint of one of her earlier books.

Christine "Kit" Brantley arrives at the door of Alexander Cale, the Earl of Everton with her father. Her mission to spy on the Earl and discover who is the mole that is giving away information on the smuggling that her father is engaging in. To do so she is masquerading as a young man, a disguise that she has worn for many years. In fact, it has been so long since she has taken off her male persona that she has forgotten how to act as the lady she is.

Alex has no problem seeing beyond her disguise and 24 hours have not passed before he uncovers her true gender. His question is, why is she in his home? He is determined to discover the answer to that question but Kit seems to challenge him at every turn and it's not long before his 'cousin' is outdrinking, outgambling and outswearing him and all his friends! He has sworn to her father that he is to keep her safe, and his honor compels him to keep his word, but she is getting under his skin and he is losing ground on his self control.

The story is full of delightful banter between these two characters. It's hilarious to see how the young ladies all appear to be falling for Kit, while she tries desperately to find information for her father who is actually smuggling a little more than just vitals. Although the story becomes a bit stretched when society finally discovers that Kit is actually Christine, the journey taken makes it bearable, especially when her past relationships with her family prove to be a bed of lies that have her questioning who really is she?

Fabulously spun tale that proves once again the talent that is Suzanne Enoch!

Grade: A


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