Sunday, January 25, 2009

Challenges for 2009 Part 3 - TBR Lite 09

The TBR challenge is going 'Lite' this year since this was too restrictive for me last year. It seems many others found it iqually restrictive and the host decided to accomadate us with slightly different challenge:

TBR Challenge Lite

For those who love the original TBR Challenge, but need a little less “pressure” on their reading, the TBR Challenge *LITE* offers you that option!

You have your choice of ONE of the 3 options:

OPTION A: read 6 books in 12 months ~ your list of books CANNOT be changed, but you are allowed to have an “Alternates” list to choose from (like in the Original TBR Challenge).
OPTION B: read 6 books in 12 months ~ you CAN change your reading list throughout the year
OPTION C: make up a list of however many books you think you could get read in 12 months, as long as they are from your TBR stack/list, and then read them between January 1st and December 31st. You must have at least 3 books on your list.

Some Other General Guidelines:
- You are allowed to overlap with other challenges
- Audiobooks are allowed
- e-Books are allowed, but must still be books that you’ve wanted to read for at least 3, or more, months
- You should still have a list of books posted somewhere for others to see
- You don’t have to read your books in the order you put them on your list

Option B:
1) Inkheart by Funke
2) Lost duke of Wyndham by Quinn
3) Lover Avenged by Ward
4) Caressed by Ice by Singh
5) Mind Game by Feehan
6) Divine Justice by Baldacci


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