Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving by Janet Evanovich

Was looking for a book about Thanksgiving and the only thing I was remotely interested in reading (and could get my hands on) was Evanovich's Thanksgiving. This title was recently re-issued and can easily be found on your local bookstore’s shelf.

What was nice about this story was that:
1) It was about your everyday people. Megan Murphy is a local pottery artist and Patrick Hunter is the town's pediatrician.
2) They weren't so ordinary as to bore you. Megan has been engaged 3 times (if you count her first engagement at the age of 5) but gets the boot EVERY time. Her bad luck with fiancés stem from the fact that her parents tend to push the relationships on her. Patrick is not the handsome doctor but the guy that is every girls best friend. The 'cute' boy that has a rabbit as pet.
3) And this book is not full of crazy things jumping at you at every conceivable opportunity (which I associate with most of Evanovich’s work)

Megan meets Patrick when his rabbit escapes and crosses path with her. She goes to return the pet and while she is there one of Dr. Hunter's patients shows up and his parent abandons the boy into the Dr. and his 'wife's' hands.

The Mother promised to be back for her son in two weeks and Megan agrees to help with the infant so that the child does not have to get into the foster system. During the time that they spend together pretending to play house, they fall for each other.

Megan is a bit weary after having being dumped at the altar the last time, and Patrick is not sure he is in a place in his life that he can have the luxury of a wife and maybe children. But the parent's descend on them for Thanksgiving as well as an ex-boyfriend and a bit of stirring up takes place.

The book was entertaining and very short which allowed me to listen to it from start to finish in about 4 hours (unabridged!). Not too over the top, but not a title to blow you away.

Grade: C+
Format: Audiobook


Brenda said...

You gave it a C? Man, I was so excited to see she had a "new" book I'm bummed. I might listen to it anyway, if I'm desperate...

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