Monday, September 01, 2008

Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie

I realized that I have very little tolerance for novels with too much insanity in them. For example the disjointed stories of the Stephanie Plum series… Reviews to follow. This one was along that vein, where it has so many bizarre things going on, the book itself falls flat. Not that it wasn’t entertaining, because you enjoy the ride, but it borders on the ludicrous. There were pink flamingos, hitmen left and right, a psycho grandma, a gaggle of mobsters and food. Lots of Food.

Agnes has always yearned for a home to call her own and as a young girl she treasured the time she spent in the home of her best friend Lisa Lydia. As an adult she had the opportunity to buy the house her friend grew up in from Brenda Fortunato (LL’s mother). Brenda has agreed to privately finance the house and will waive the first three months of mortgage if Agnes agrees to host the wedding of LL’s daughter, Maria. Agnes eagerly agrees (she helped raise Maria so it’s an honor for Agnes)

Agnes plans to open a catering business with her fiancé so this gives them a great opportunity to put themselves on the map. Wanting to host the wedding and getting it done proves to be very difficult. There are several threats on her life, a mob hit scheduled for the wedding day, flamingos stolen from the zoo, dead people popping up in a basement Agnes never knew she had, and a very hot hitman that proves there is more underneath his cloths than his weapons.

The book definitely kept moving. It was fast paced and a whirlwind of commotion but as I mentioned earlier, maybe just a bit too much. It really needed more substance to all the action / comedy. I would recommend the book for a quick read on a day you don’t want to do much of anything.

Grade: C
Format: Audiobook


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