Friday, January 26, 2007

My Favorite Witch by Annette Blair

I'm all about reading a series in order and the great part of this Salem Witch series is that the three books have already been released and I have them all! Yeah me!!

We met Kira Fitzgerald in The Kitchen Witch. She babysat Shane at one point in the story and was well known to be the REAL Witch in the bunch. When we start the book Kira is putting behind a very bad relationship where her soon-to-be husband was caught in bed with Kira's younger sister. She has decided that she needs to move away for some time since her parents don't know why she has dumped the minor league ball player a few days before the wedding. Since she really can't cope with her family's doubt in her judgment - not that she blames them since she was just days away from marrying the toad that was Charlie - she accepts a position as Assistant Event Coordinator to the Pickering Foundation.

Jason Pickering Goddard is laid low when he severely injured himself carousing with a blonde bombshell and almost lost his livelihood as a hockey player. He has sworn off women completely and is struggling to get back on the ice. His doctors are not very hopeful, they have actually deemed it impossible, but he is focused on his physical training and won't let anything in his way back to his dream.

His grandmother has convinced/coerced him into giving the Pickering Foundation 6 months of his time. She has teamed him up with a witch of an Event Coordinator that has him jumbled in knots from the first moment he saw her casting a spell against her ex-boyfriend.

The book is just 298 pages but it holds a wallop of a punch. From ghost searches, bee attacks, crow counting, ice skating and many, many rabbit holes, this book just keeps you glued from page one. There is this chemistry between Kira and Jason that just pops off the page from the moment you open the book. I find it funny that the characters appear to want to be flawed (Jason has a kissing issue and has a phobia of commitment while Kira has an issue with Jocks in general and is avoiding commitment as well), yet they are not. These issues are normal issues and might have popped up in anyone's life if they had the same life experiences as these two. These two were just two people that had to find their way to each other at their own pace. And this is where I find the only fault in the book.

It took them FOREVER to find their way to each other. We were 20 pages from the ending and neither of these knuckle heads could see more than desire when they looked at each other. It was so obvious to the reader but they just could not see it. It wasn't even that they were in denial, it was not even there as a possibility. I would have liked to see a bit more struggle on their end to accept the feelings of love. I also would have liked to see the relationship consummated much earlier in the book. They had done everything except the deed and I found it a bit too much to believe. Don't get me wrong, their trips into the rabbit holes were very entertaining but darn, just get it over with!! LOL!

One more thing I need to throw in here is how much I LOVED the use of quilts by Kira. Lots of people associate quilts to elderly grandmothers, and I appreciate that Kira who was a 'bewitching' woman was a quilter. Quilts are a wonderful heritage to leave to your children but to leave them the ability to MAKE quilts is a gift that will last longer than the threads themselves.

Grade: B+


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