Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Manhunt by Janet Evanovich

Being a big Stephanie Plum fan I tend to give Janet Evanovich's other work a look at and when my sister got her hands on the audiobook version of Manhunt I could not refuse to hear the short (4 CD) track.

Alexandra Scott is an high powered Wall Street exec that has decided to trade in her luxurious condo in the city for a cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. She is tired of her long hour days and the offer to own a cabin and hardware store proves to be a temptation to much to refuse, even when she has not seen either. The fact that men outnumber woman gazillion to one is another strong incentive. Her goal is to settle down at a slower pace and find herself a husband.

Michael Casey has no interest in finding himself a wife but when his neighbor sells his run down cabin to a city slicker he can't stop himself from feeling the attraction. He has a Sir Galahad complex and if anyone needs saving it would be Alex (even if it is from herself).

The tale is somewhat predictable but it doesn't really take away from the story. I think I might have enjoyed it more if I would have read the book in paper format. The narrator was a bit distracting since she sounded too much like the narrator of the Stephanie Plum books.

In essence the book was light and funny. Alex kept getting herself into funny situations, like blowing up her outhouse, and Casey kept saving her. I like that Alex went against the odds and was willing to tough out the Alaskan weather. She didn't scare easy and even when things couldn't look worse, she stiffened her spin and moved forward. Casey on the other hand was a bit of a coward since he just couldn't give Alex a chance. I understand how he was burned before but he just could not budge and had so little faith in Alex that I wanted to smack him around a bit.

Grade: C+
Format: Audiobook


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