Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Sandra Hill's Vikings are yummy!

So I re-discovered Sandra Hill. Sandra was an author that everyone loved to recommend and I went out and got most of her back list before reading any of her books! *I'm somewhat impulsive* :)

When I finally got around to reading my first book by this author, I died a slow agonizing death. I couldn't even bring myself to finish the book! BTW: The book in questions was Love Me Tender.

Now... I'm a good reader in the sense that I don't chuck an author after one bad book. I tend to be forgiving and after many months of recuperation, I'll pick up another of the Author's books and give them another chance to wow me. This technique has worked in the past and has let me enjoy the works of some great writers like Teresa Medieros, Jane Feather and Mary Jo Putney to name a few.

So this past month was Sandra Hill's turn. I picked up The Last Viking, the first in her contemporay/time travel viking series. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself laughing out loud at the hero's antics.

Geirolf Erikson is on a mission for his father when his longboat is attacked and is destroyed. After floating for several days he finally gets sucked into a whirlpool that has him surfacing 1000 years in the future. He meets shore in Maine, on Dr. Meredith Foster's land. She is on a mission herself, trying to complete her grandfather's dream of building a Viking longboat. With funding drying up and the project no where close to finish, Meredith is on her last hope. Geirolf is the answer to her prayers, although she thinks he is crazy. It is hilarious to see him turn her life around. She is always trying to please everyone and everyone takes advantage of her. Her ex-husband ran away with another woman, her sister dumps her daughter on her, her parents are always criticizing and her brother just could care less. The only one that has shown her unconditional affection has been her grandparents and now, with them gone, she feels the need to give back something by finishing what her grandfather had started, yet she didn't count on the new shipbuilder to steal her heart. Although unbelievable, this book was very entertaining and kept me wanting to read more. Hill kept the sexual tension to a level where you didn’t find yourself frustrated because they didn't just get it on! Loved the references to Tim Allen as Tim "the Toolman" Taylor and how Geirolf fell in love with all the power tools!

Started reading the next book in the series, Truly, Madly, Viking, but it's definitly not as wonderful as the first. I'm still waiting to see if things pickup after Jorund gets out of the mental hospital... I'll leave you with that tidbit until I finsh the book and can review it.


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